Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rooms Play, 2010

Some silhouetted trees, 2010
acrylic on layered plastic
each, 9 x 14'

In the winter-spring of 2010,  I collaborated with The Copycat Theatre and numerous artists on a multi-room, multi-performance/installation piece called 'Rooms Play.'  

The audience, instead of watching a linear stage-like performance from a fixed point of view, passed through a labyrinth of about 20 rooms, designed/ installed/ and performed-in by several artists in such a way that a general narrative could develop, yet was a completely unique experience for each viewer.

The layout of 'Rooms Play' followed two general themes:  Joseph's Campbell's monomyth, layered with the course of the human digestive system.

I created a thunderstorming forest, utilizing timed strobe lights, a thunderous audio track, a bridge-keeper - collaborating performer Monica Mirable, and the occasional splash of rain from yours truly behind the scenes.

Watch 'Duodenum / Crossing of the First Threshold' Room below 


(apologies for poor video quality)

Click HERE to watch 'Rooms Play' in its entirety (51:03)
Video by Guy Werner


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